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Dear Fellow Hemorrhoid Sufferer,

neo-healar-treatment-ointment.jpgWe all know how devastating that hemorrhoids can be. The immense pain, burning, and itching that is associated with this complicated medical condition is enough to make anyone cringe. You and I both know that there are a number of over-the-counter medications available. Creams, ointments, patches, lotions, and all that…the real question is, are these remedies truly effective? If you suffer from this condition in much the same way that I did, you will probably attest to the fact that these products generally carry little to no relief at all.

The problem

Everyone suffers from hemorrhoids in a unique way. Sure, there are common symptoms, but there are various degrees of severity. Most over-the-counter products are intended for individuals who have mild cases of hemorrhoids. In addition to this, these products are not created to eliminate hemorrhoids, but rather to alleviate the symptoms that are associated with this condition. Sure, mild relief may be appealing to many, but if you are like me, elimination of the problem is more important than masking the symptoms associated with this medical condition.

My Story

When I received confirmation that I was pregnant, it was a very exciting time in my life. I sat down with my doctor after my examination and we discussed various changes that occur during pregnancy. Yes, I was interactive during this conversation, but the only thing that I could focus on was that I was carrying a new life inside of me. I was going to be a mother! Did the topic of hemorrhoids come up? Yes, it probably did. However, I was so wrapped up in my thoughts and excitement regarding my child that was to arrive by the end of the year; I simply do not recall it.

It was approximately three months into my pregnancy that I had my first bout with morning sickness. Yes, I will admit, it was a bit troublesome. However, it was not nearly as troublesome as I would experience in the next few months. The weight of the pregnancy really started to catch up with me around six months. Keep in mind I was not a large person. Even with the pregnancy weight adding up, I was still small framed. I could feel the weight of the baby growing inside of me bearing down on my pelvic area. My bowel movements and bladder urges started to become more frequent.

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Not too long after this, I started feeling pressure in the area of my rectum when I experienced a bowel movement. I was not too sure what it was, or why it was occurring. I made an appointment and had an examination performed. My doctor informed me that I had hemorrhoids. He described the symptoms that I may experience, the different types of hemorrhoids, as well as what happens when hemorrhoids flare up. I was horrified! How could I have ended up with such a horrifying condition? It was then I learned that the pressure of the child weighing down on the veins in the lower body could cause it.

Naturally, I tried the over-the-counter remedies that my doctor suggested for relief. I found that some of these products would provide relief for a small amount of time. Eventually, though, the symptoms would come back. I experienced a lot of frustration during this time. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time on bed rest in the later part of my pregnancy - looking forward to the arrival of my child.

I gave birth to a healthy child, and it was one of the most memorable and exciting experiences of my life. However, the hemorrhoids persisted. My doctor insisted that the strain experienced during childbirth was what induced the flare up. The symptoms were simply overwhelming! I searched high and low for a treatment that would eliminate the pain and burning that came with hemorrhoids. Then, I stumbled upon a product called “Neo Healar”.

Neo Healar

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I had nothing to lose by purchasing and trying Neo Healer. I read the testimonies on the website, and it seemed that everyone who tried this product was extremely satisfied with the results. Could this product eliminate my problem? Could this product truly guard against recurring flare ups? Could I finally be done with this painful condition? Well, there was only one way to find out! I placed my order for the highly acclaimed Neo Healer treatment cream.

The Promise

Neo Healar is a natural based cream that has been used by many individuals around the world to resolve the complications associated with hemorrhoids. This treatment was developed by a number of medical professionals and scientists after years of research pertaining to the many problems that hemorrhoid sufferer’s experience. The most exciting thing that I discovered was that it was an appropriate treatment for both mild and severe cases of hemorrhoids! Mine was definitely a SEVERE case! At that point, I was desperate to find a resolution to my problem. Could Neo Healer hemorrhoid treatment cream be the answer that I have searched for all these months?

Problem Solved

When I received my order of Neo Healar hemorrhoid treatment, my flare up was at its worse! I was ready for relief - IMMEDIATELY! I put the new product right to the test. By this time, I was experiencing bleeding with my ulcers. I was very concerned about applying the new medicated cream to the area due to this, but I figured nothing could be more painful than that in which I was currently experiencing. To my surprise, there was no painful contact, and almost immediately, the symptoms were beginning to soothe.

I persisted in using Neo Healar for a couple of days on a regular basis. I was AMAZED! I was able to walk comfortably, stand without pain, and even sit for longer periods of time. With a newborn in the house, I was very active! No longer was I hindered by the complications of the painful itching and burning of hemorrhoids! I did not even experience any pain when I experienced a bowel movement! I was so relieved, happy, and amazed all at ONCE! I cannot actually put into words what a relief I experienced!

Out of five stars…this product tops TEN! I swear by Neo Healer! Ever since I began this treatment, I have not experienced any flare ups and my doctor states that it seems as if the hemorrhoids have been eliminated altogether! Now, where can you get that type of satisfaction with all those oily, messy, ineffective over-the-counter medications for hemorrhoids?

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